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Large-Scale C++ Software Design book download
Large-Scale C++ Software Design book download

Large-Scale C++ Software Design by John Lakos

Large-Scale C++ Software Design

Download Large-Scale C++ Software Design

Large-Scale C++ Software Design John Lakos ebook
Publisher: Addison Wesley
Page: 870
Format: djvu

I think this book is a Large-Scale C++ Software Design. Feb 26, 2013 - C++ Software Engineer - AI / NLProc / Big Data Join a world-class team: Serious engineering -- solving real-world problems using data analytics, large-scale parallel processing, web spiders, and document analysis pipelines. Work with awesome technology: Clusters of 1,000+ machines, large neural network learning systems, GPUs, parallel arrays of Strong C++, STL, Boost expertise. It's filled with lots of good practices for everything from planning, to design, coding style, performance, debugging, and maintenance. The Centro Nacional de Análisis Genómico, CNAG started operating in March 2010 and is aimed to carry out large-scale DNA sequence analysis projects in human and other species in collaboration with researchers in Catalonia, Spain and The job will take place within the Algorithm Development team, whose mission is to design and deploy practical methods to process the hundreds of gigabases of DNA sequencing data produced daily by the Center. Jul 8, 2009 - Code Complete is an essential book for programmers who have learned how to program, but don't have as much experience with the complete software life cycle of full-scale projects. You are in the right place to get lowest price on Large-Scale C++ Software Development: Component B v. That help to create C++ software projects. Aug 25, 2009 - Large-Scale C++ Software Design is a must read book, if you are in software industry. Jun 14, 2012 - We will also collect references to literature, libaries, frameworks etc. I recommend Lakos's Large Scale C++ Software Design. Solid understanding of object oriented software design concepts. Sometime you may what to move down from Design patterns to low-level physical organization of C++ projects. Aug 29, 2013 - Looking for great deals on Large-Scale C++ Software Development: Component B v. Feb 4, 2011 - As the Amazon description says “you'll find a wealth of practical suggestions and methods for strengthening your software design/development skills”.