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The Cruising Multihull pdf
The Cruising Multihull pdf

The Cruising Multihull . Chris White

The Cruising Multihull

ISBN: 9780070698680 | 0 pages | 3 Mb

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The Cruising Multihull Chris White
Publisher: International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press

With respect to multi-hull cruising: I'd be interested in hearing alternatives to anti-fouling paint for long-term cruisers (i.e. Atlantic 57 "Cruising" Cat Capsizes - posted in Sailing Anarchy: The Crew (two Men - Owner and friend) were rescued yesterday (Sunday Aug 1) from an overturned Atlantic 57 Catamaran named Anna. A perfect ending to a perfect regatta – at least the winners in IRC Two, Bareboat/Cruising and Multihull classes thought as much. Not weekend sailors) One of the great romantic features of a catamaran. Mom & Dad, 1 kid (12) and a dog. As part of my continuing assignment to test new sailboats for SAIL magazine, my wife, Pam, and I sailed a PDQ 34 cruising catamaran and a Condor 30 racing/cruising trimaran in Annapolis recently. My family is looking for a multihull to cruise Mexico , Central America , and the Caribbean . We'll have about $50-$75K to work with. I owe my life to you, your book the Case for the Cruising Trimaran. In fact, all competitors felt the same. I had bought a Piver Tri, not the Nimble but the Piver A or next design he did, it was in Hawaii in 1975.